Massage Wand

Our light weight portable hand held massager with its revolutionary design can be used in conjunction with any Advanced Lifestyle product. It is easy to use and makes the perfect travel companion. Like all Advanced Lifestyle products the Massage Wand offers unique CVT at the touch of a button and has a dual massage action.
Massage Cushion

The Massage Cushion delivers unique CVT through 3 different types of massage with the added benefit of Thermo-Heat. The combination of these features provides repeatable relief from many aches and pains. The control pad is easy to use and is fitted with a digital timer. Using the Massage Cushion in conjunction with the Massage Wand provides additional therapeutic benefits.
Massage Chair

Combining the benefits of unique CVT massage with luxury, comfort and style these ergonomically designed chairs ensure the best postural position for you. The features includes Nu-Wave roller massage, 3 massage actions including Relax-assage, Thermo-Heat, one touch reclining action and an automatic lift and lower function.
Massage Bed Chair

The ultimate choice in our range is the state of the art massage bed chair. At the touch of a button this comfortable chair will fully recline to a bed. Combining unique CVT massage, with the benefit of 3 massage actions including Relax-Massage, Thermo-Heat and an automatic lift and lower function this chair is the pinnacle in therapeutic relaxation.
Adjustable Massage Bed

Wake each morning feeling refreshed and revived! Our beds come in a range of sizes combining the benefits of the unique 2 CVT massage actions with the added ability of raising and lowering the head and feet. Unique to our beds is the high low function that assists you in getting in and out of bed with ease. These beds will give you the ultimate in comfort promoting a blissful nights sleep.